History - Steve Adey

Steve was born in Birmingham, England. He lived in NYC for several years before moving to Edinburgh, UK. He previously worked as a recording engineer on genres from Heavy Rock to Classical and Folk.

Debut album All Things Real was released in 2006 via Grand Harmonium Records.
The album was critically well received and made some ‘Best of 2006’ year-end lists.

In 2007 he played several festivals and released Burning Fields, a limited 7” and Mississippi: Remixed [EP], featuring remixes from Kramer (Second Shimmy, Low) and Sweet Billy Pilgrim amongst others.
A five-song EP entitled These Resurrections was released on May 9th 2011.

The Tower of Silence (2012) – the follow-up to All Things Real was a subtly beautiful record encompasses a myriad of emotions. Adey carves out a filmic wall of sound, offsetting his baritone vocal and piano led songs. The title came from of a place in India where the dead are laid to rest on a hill tower and gifted to the birds. But on a musical level it pertains to the value of silence – making sure nothing is overplayed was important. “Every second of his music matters. There isn’t a single strum or pluck that isn’t giving 110%.” The Sunday Times
“I was careful not to make something that was ornamental or over produced. I wanted it to sound like it was done quickly, but thoroughly considered and fully realised.”  Steve Adey

SELECTED REVIEWS/QUOTES: The Sunday Times Top 40 songs of 2006 & CD of the week  | UNCUT  8/10 | Q“Beautiful and grandly” | The Arts Desk ****  | Glasgow Sunday Herald  **** | Scotland on Sunday“Powerful” | R2 ***** | Americana UK“Astonishing debut” 8/10 | Aesthetica Magazine“Innovative and unique” | Metro “A great voice” | The Big Issue“Emotional” | MusicOMHMeticulously crafted” | The Skinny“Beautiful delicate production”  | Stylus Magazine [US] – A+ | Signal to Noise [US] – “Haunting folk into straight-up epic territory” | Jyllands Posten [Denmark] – “Beautiful, melodic and ambitious” |